Thursday, December 15, 2011


Let's see. I'm only about 4 months overdue. Here's a monthly re-cap:


ACL Music Fest. Friends came in from Phoenix for a long weekend.


Gilbert & I's 8th anniversary dinner celebrated family style with margaritas at our favorite mexican food place in town.

Fall weather was perfect as we continued our days in the back yard. Carver riding his 4 wheeler, Savannah crawling off her blanket and throughout the back yard.

A few *professional pictures taken from our friend, Melissa, who was here for ACL fest.
How 'bout those eyes?

An afternoon at Freddy's Place.

Halloween. Sheriff Carver.

Highlight of October!! A visit from Ryan & Angela from South Carolina. They left all 4 kiddos and came in for a UT game and long weekend with old friends. It stung all our hearts when they left, but we made a pact we will see each other ATLEAST twice a year from here on out.

Random shot of father & son representing our beloved Rangers.

Back to Ryan & Angela. Love this picture, love them dearly, they rule a large part of my heart. Nothing like family. Of course UT lost.

To quote my mother, "A smile only your brother can bring out." Amen.

The next weekend mom and I met in Waco for Madeleine Chenot's wedding. Old family friends. Love Lisa bob.

Ladies night!

Dinner w/my girls. Minus Julie which always hurts.

Savannah turns 9 months -whoa!

Sweet Carver growing so tall and kinder every day.

First weekend I fly to West Virginia to see Dad. To say I enjoyed a long weekend without the responsibility of meals, baths, beds or housework is an understatement.

Thanksgiving. Family tradition to stop at Cameron Park Zoo on way to DFW area for Chavez thanksgiving.
Very tricky figuring out the glass and fish on the other side.

No shame in this. Cleburne style baby. Just bust out the pack n' play and high chair in the front yard while the kids play basketball in the driveway.
A super content baby really helps.

Chavez thanksgiving. Aunt Margaret & Savannah.

Aunt Amiee and a very tired Savannah.

Uncle Mike has the loving touch.

Home for Thanksgiving. Our newest family tradition - the Turkey Trot in downtown Austin. Benefits local charity, family fun, beautiful start to Thanksgiving day.

20,000 Austinites running and walking the downtown streets.

Weekend after Thanksgiving, our Las Vegas Chavez friends come for a visit. Gilbert & Paul go to the UT/A&M game (muy painful ...for them atleast).
We have sitters and go out both nights. Maybe too much fun.

And here we are in December. Almost the end. I will document it post-Christmas.

For now I leave you with my 10 month old who is obviously ready to get going.
Get it, girlfriend!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life in images

Gilbert's parents were married approximately 20 years. They were then divorced for 17. This past weekend they re-married. Wow, what a story.

We were the lucky ones to witness the is some documentation for that weekend they visited in Austin.

I love this picture. It speaks a thousand words.

And now we switch to my life in images...atleast the past couple months.

FYI. I'd be okay if another person or family member never commented how much my children look like Gilbert or the Chavez family. But..for the record...this here is a HORNISH SMILE my friends!

Already a lady just like her mama.